that you can learn from anybody, anytime and anywhere, even on the streets and squares, in the parks and open gardens. Learning together and learning from each other is real fun.

It is about bringing together open-minded and curious people to sit around in a circle, think, talk, play and learn from it.

It is choosing an interesting topic, analysing it, getting absorbed in it, experiencing something new together and then discussing what we did and how, what can we learn from it about ourselves, each other and the world.

We tried it a couple of years ago in Budapest. We just pushed our flipcharts out into the Citi Park, divided up the green outdoor space around us and hosted 90-minute mini training sessions free of any charge on 15-25 fields simultaneously covering a wide range of topics.

And we did it again for the second and third time. Last year the city of Balatonalmádi joined in as well and this year Debrecen will join too… because our beloved Street Training is an exciting adventure indeed!

A place where there is no politics, no money involved and no marketing done. People meet and learn from each other, people give and receive knowledge, tips, ideas and inspiration – all of this delivered and organized on a voluntarily basis. Based on the notion that learning is cool, useful, interesting and worthwhile.


that our initiative will work without us as well in the future.
That colleagues who are venturesome, open, engaged and curious will also organise there own Street Trainings not only in Budapest, but in other cities as well, all around the world.

As we progress we want to make sure that people who have never been part of this type of learning before, will try it as well and simply fall in love with experiential learning.

We dreamt that through our efforts more and more people will experience what a great feeling it is to learn together from each other and that Street Training will eventually become a global movement.


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