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Saturday 12th of June 2021
Virtuális térben / in virtual space


STREET TRAINING delivered online? How can we do that?

We will do it the same way we used to - we all go outdoors: to the garden, to the park, to our terrace or balcony, or you can simply just open your window and enjoy the sun. We go outside to breath fresh air, since our beloved STREET TRAINING is nothing else, but a large

"Open Air Learning Festival".

So we’ll all find our own little personal space outdoors and log in to the virtual space from there. Right now this is how we can meet and learn together because you can learn from anyone, anytime, anywhere.


To those who are interested, 

We invite You to join our second ever international Street Training ONLINE!

1,5 hour long mini training sessions lead by excellent trainers
15 virtual ’fields’ with max 18 participants/group
4 different time slots throughout the day filled with exciting topics in English and Hungarian

What we offer You is a colourful programme between

9:30 AM and 18:30 PM CET (Budapest Time)

on the 12th of June 2021.

You may participate in several trainings during the day
...if you are older than 14 but younger than 114

Our trainings/topics will include:

assertive behaviour, great discussions, leading a discussion, understanding each other, exploring new resources, finding your strengths, emotional intelligence, personal development, practice, using your intuition, future, finding a new career path, lots of interaction and communication, overstepping your boundaries, networking, learning by doing, understanding yourself, finding solutions, self-reflection, time management, representing your needs, own way, reducing stress,, leadership, learning and practicing new skills, making connections, consciousness, change, exchanging feedbacks

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Street Training - Online 2021

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Street Training - Online 2021
Street Training - Online 2021Street Training - Online 2021Street Training - Online 2021


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